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Storage Solution

OTT Solutions partners with a number of Storage Solution suppliers to provide different kind of storage solutions. It includes but not limited to the followings:

1) Network Attached Storage (NAS) for Office Usage, Voice Recording Archive or Video Surveillance Archive.

2) Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage for Serer Virtualization, or VDI projects. Our SAN storage can support many kind of SSD, Hard Disks and hybrid in the same system.  Autotiering, Remote Replication and Snapshots high-end data services are also available.

3) Unified Storage for putting NAS, SAN and Cloud Storage Gateway functions in one box.

4) Software Defined Storage (SDS) to virtualize your existing storage platform, so you need not to be lock up by a single hardware vendor, at the same time you can leverage the newest storage technology in the market such as All Flash Array (AFA), or Cloud Storage.  By using our SDS, your applications can run much faster, we can change your applications to be Highly Available (no down time!!), we can replicate your data from the production site to the DR site timely.  You may even do your Drill Test without stopping your storage replication mechanism.

5) Data Migration for migrating your production data in the existing SAN storage to any new storage on the fly.

6) Hyper-converged Solution to make your applications and storage features running in the same server, we can support VMServer, Citrix Server, and Hyper-V server to provide the HA capability.

7) Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to protect important data always ready, reduce your RPO and RTO.